[Higher Ed] Wrike x Commencement Program Production

Hi Wrike Community!

Our University of Oregon communications team had a big win this spring using Wrike to produce 30+ commencement programs for our academic ceremonies. We wanted to share our process in case it is helpful to higher ed colleagues or others.

We used many of the standard Wrike features, such as new file versions, but there were a few things that really helped us stay on track and get the programs to the printer on time.

1. Task Organization
Each program had its own task (pictured below). Subtasks were created under each program task for specific deadlines so we could follow all the steps. We didn’t worry about assigning the subtasks. Instead, we assigned team members to each main task and used the task status to identify who was responsible for the next step in production. We use a color-coded workflow (rainbow) to get us from red (preparation) to purple (completed).

We also used a separate task for team communication. This was a great way for the team to discuss any high-level questions or issues that weren’t specific to one program.

2. Detailed Task Descriptions
The main task description included a detailed timeline and final proofing checklist for the main client manager (CM) on each task.

The timeline included major due dates and the associated status for each step of production. This was an easy reference guide for the client managers to see where each program was in production and follow up with team members or clients.

The final proofing checklist allowed our team to make sure all the programs were consistent with university style and it was a helpful way to close out the production of each program.

3. Project Dashboard
Possibly one of the most helpful elements, our project dashboard helped our team quickly see where each program was in the process so our senior leadership could be informed if things were behind schedule. It was also an easy way to identify any problem areas.

The Tasks Assigned to Me dashboard widget (top left most square in the picture above) was great to have so individual team members could quickly find their assigned programs and keep their work organized.

By all accounts, this was the most organized commencement program production that we have done so far. We look forward to building on this success for next year and in our other projects.

We hope this can help as you leverage Wrike to do great work!

— University of Oregon Commencement Program Production Team

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Ellen Ohalloran

Thank you for sharing, UO!!  This is great information and I believe it will help other folks in higher ed with the success of their commencement programs as well.  

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Hi Jesse Summers, it's great to hear about how you use Wrike - thank you so much for sharing! 

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