Request Forms: Title Text Appending Instead of Replacing Blueprint Titles

We use request forms to copy a task from a Blueprint and populate that task with needed info. Our issue is that the Blueprint title is being completely erased when we use another text field in the title.

Here's our use case:

We have a blueprint for migrating new clients to our infrastructure. The title of this blueprint is "New Client Migration".

We use a request form to clone and populate this blueprint template. There's a field in the request form to put the client's name and add it to the title. However, when we select "Title" for the client's name field text, it fully replaces the blueprint's existing title.

The resulting tasks title is "Client Name" when we'd like it to be "New Client Migration - Client Name".

Having an option to add the title text to the existing title if you're duplicating a task or blueprint instead of replacing it would be our ideal solution.



We have a workaround in place where we use a dropdown question with only a single option, "New Client Migration", and then set this to Title as well. Then we get the desired task title when the form is used. But it requires more clicks and more set up for every request form than it ought to.

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That's very interesting, thank you for bringing this up Jessie Ostrander! And thank you for sharing your workaround too, really helpful! I'll check with the team about this 👍

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