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One of the most confusing aspects of Wrike is that navigational options are scattered throughout the interface and across multiple panels, with each panel including or excluding items by default, in a way that is not intuitive for new users. For example, the navigation panel on the left doesn't allow you to see or navigate to tasks. New users are confused and report they rely on notification emails to find their assignments. Because it's harder to see the whole picture for a project (especially large projects) users are more reliant on the person creating the project to explain and/or spoon feed them assignments.

The best / most intuitive solution would be to include tasks in the left navigation panel. If a project had tasks, you'd see the expand/contract arrows, similar to what you see for folders and projects. Same for subtasks. 

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Hi Ellen Nunes, thanks for reaching out! 

Usually, people have hundreds/thousands of tasks in their accounts, so this feature that you're suggesting might create confusion. At the same time, I'd really like to help with a solution for your new users. Do I understand correctly that it's hard for them to find the tasks that they need to work on? Can Inbox notifications help? Each time a user is assigned to a task in Wrike, they get a notification in their Inbox. Here's more info:

I'll be happy to discuss further 🙂

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

As I mentioned in my post, notifications are the only way they can find anything. OK if you are being spoon-fed your assignments but not OK for finding anything else. I can see you are not open to suggestions so why invite them?


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