Deleting Duplicate Projects/Folders and Tasks

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I have started experimenting with duplicates in my main Project tree outside of the Blueprint functionality (haven't been aware of this feature until afterwards). So what I did was copy over the certain projects with all their tasks, subtasks, attachments, assignees, etc. into a separate Onboarding folder. I renamed all duplicates with customized prefixes as well. But now the owner's details (not myself) is also copied, so they (and other team members) keep getting notifications whenever I change/delete anything. How do I resolve this? I do not want to have any links to the rest of the team as these notifications have been filling their inboxes 🙃
I am now working in the Blueprints tree to avoid any further issues, but would like to know how to remove the duplicates without causing any disruptions.
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I am guessing that the shared privileges were duplicated as well. One way to solve this is to remove them from "Shared" from the folders that you don't want them to receive notifications on. The other thing you could tell them is to click into the folders and have them unfollow the folders.  

When in a folder click on the folder info icon. 

Click on the Follow Icon.

Now Select the Ignore Radio button

Hope that helps.


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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Ryan☺️


Thank you so much - that helps a lot!


- Keziah

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