Issues of Task Table regarding Table View & Gantt Chart View

1) In case when we use some filters on Table View or Gantt Chart View, the levels of each selected tasks are displayed as like broken. 
 *for example, a task that is registered as lowest level appears to the top level of the task tree.

2) Under same situation, it is very difficult that users understand the difference of same names' tasks that are included in different projects or different task trees.

The below is a sample.

There are 2 projects that were copied.

So the structures of project (especially task names) are basically same.

If I filter assignee as my Test Account (Test Kuragami), the filtered screen is below.

In case of Gantt Chart View, the filtered screen becomes like below.
As you can see, Project is displayed even if it is not  assigned to the person who is selected. But other specifications are basically same with Table View.



Suggestion_1: Keep the Level of tasks of the task structure , even if the upper tasks are not selected under the filter conditions. 

Suggestion_2: Add "Parent Task Name" and "Project Name" to the candidates list for the table.

                       Users can understand the position of the tasks, I guess.

Candidates List

Thank you.


Akira IT manager

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Hey Akira,

I've noticed this as well and had made a post about it here, which already has quite a few votes towards getting Wrike to seriously consider it. It would help us both if you add your suggestions to that thread. 


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