We need Tags for tasks as a different level of hierarchies. In folder "Home" and in folder "Work" I want have tag "shopping" for some tasks, and when go into store I want filter "shopping" and see items to buy for all projects

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Hey there

You can use Folders as tags in Wrike, since tasks can sit in several folders at once. Just create a new folder "Shopping" and place it in a convenient position within your folder structure (doesn't really matter where).

Then, you can add (not move) all the shopping related tasks in "Home" and "Work" to your new "Shopping" folder. You will see that those tasks are now assigned to two folders.

When you're in the store, just look at your "Shopping" folder, and voila!

When I use folders as tags, I give them different colors, so the tasks assigned to these "tag folders" stand out visually, as well.



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