Create Report from Dashboard - search based reporting

Currently we can create Dashboards by searching for key words and filters and then click on Add to Dashboard from the "3dots"

I would like to be able to create reports in a similar way.

For example we have tasks in each project which contain the words "Production Release", this is a Key Business Milestone for us,

I can create this in a dashboard by using the search / filter and create method above but cannot create same as a report.

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Really interesting idea Paul, and clever use of search and Dashboards! 
If these are actual milestones in your timeline, in terms of their scheduling, you can filter a custom Report's task type by milestone (however perhaps are using milestone as a general phrase here).
I wonder if for now, creating a Custom Field (perhaps dropdown or checkbox) which can be ticked and later you can identify these Key Business Milestones tasks when building your Reports?
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this 👍
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