Printing All Project Attachments

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Is there a way I can print all of the attachments that relate to a project in a single batch?






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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Tam, welcome to the Community forums! I think you're trying to print all of the attachments for all of the tasks in a Project/Folder (let me know if that's incorrect). The short answer is that there isn't currently a way to print all attachments in a single batch. However, if your attachments tend to be the same file type, then there's a search command which may help. Here's how to use the search command:

  1. Open the Folder/Project
  2. In the task search field, type " file:* " followed by the file extension type. For example, "file:*jpg". 
  3. From the search dropdown menu, select "Search in current folder".

That will show you all the tasks with attachments which match the designated file type. This might make it a little easier to go through the tasks and print attachments. Our Search page goes over more search commands you can use. 

All this said, I understand how having a "print all" option would be helpful if you're working with printing a lot of attachments. We have a Product Feedback section on the forums, it's a great place to make a suggestion for a feature enhancement like this. Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

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We need an option to be able to select print task and all attachments that will include attachments and e-mails that have been forwarded to the task.  The goal of the business is to keep all of that information together and that has been the beauty of Wrike but when we need to export that to audit or review an issue, it has been completely nonfunctional.

We have hundreds of tickets and cannot print a task and then open each forwarded email or attachment to print them individually.  It is also not an acceptable workflow to copy/paste the fwd email into the description - that takes away the e-mail integration usefulness.

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