Managing a task as a blueprint

Hi everyone,

I saved a task as a blueprint, and I can't find it in my blueprint repository. However, I can see it when I hit the plus sign at the top of the screen.

How are you managing task blueprints? What should I do if I want to update or delete it?

Thanks for your help! 🙂

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It took me a while to find my task too. I have 2 folders that house my project blueprints (testing and live). i have my task in one of the folders and ended up scrolling to the bottom of the list to find it.. If you don't have separate folders you may just have to scroll and review line by line.

For me, having it in a folder makes it a lot easier, cause you can collapse all the projects and the one task that isnt assigned to a project is left on its own.

hope that helps. 

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thank you so much Daniel Garcia! Found them at the very end of the list 🔍 I'm gonna create a separate folder now.


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