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One of my clients set me set up as a regular user on their Wrike subscription (I'm their outside CPA).  My user id is my business email address.  I recently acquired another client using Wrike, and we'd like to have the same arrangement.  The new client sent my invitation to my business email address.  I can see the company in my profile when I log in, but I can't access anything - when I click on that company, it jumps to the password screen and won't recognize my password.  I believe that the new client invited me as a collaborator.  How do I go about resolving this?  Do I need to set up my own external account?

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Hi Bryce,

I guess you can only have one Wrike Account for each email address. Usually every user should have an email address of the domain which belongs to the company that created the wrike account. If you work for different companies, you should get an email adress from each, assigned to your wrike account. Otherwise you should set up different email adresses for yourself in order to run different wrike accounts.


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