Processing Order of Request Form Conditions

Not sure of the best wording here... Does anyone know how Wrike orders the processing of conditions?  For example, when I set up a page with 5 single select yes/no questions, I have "yes" answers directing to 5 specific pages.  The page that holds these questions is set to submit form, and the pages linked to the yes answers are set to continue to next page.  One would think that the order of operations would be to process each conditional response from top to bottom and then lastly following the host page command to submit, but I end up being stuck in a loop where it continually runs through the redirects and back to the questions page with no option to submit.

I even added a conditional response to submit as a 6th question, thinking that this would be a loop hole, but it does not.  I've gone through 24ish tests with this form and just can't figure out a solution.  Has there ever been a "bug" with dynamic forms breaking because of pages being moved or other changes corrupting data on the back end that would ultimately effect the form functioning correctly?

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Welcome to the Community Jonathan Gentry 👋 I've asked my colleagues from the Support team to reach out to you about this. It looks like the current logic doesn't include the option to build more advanced connections between questions in request forms. Thank you for posting, your feedback has been passed on to our Product team 👍

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