Customize display of dashboard cards with various properties and custom fields

With the launch of Custom Items, Wrike is much closer to being able to enable businesses to create and tailor item types to their specific needs. However, the biggest lacking feature here is the visibility of these in dashboards. We can filter based on these custom types and custom fields, but the inability to customize what fields display on the cards in the dashboards is now a more pressing issue. 

The level of customization is great but presents us with a really big issue of visibility into all of the custom things various members might need to see at a glance, and the dashboards still only show us the task name, assignee, folder and due date. This is far too limited for what the platform has just implemented.

  • Someone might need to know when they need to start working on a task (this also matters when using effort and workload so people aren't working on bigger projects due later and invalidating the use of workload & effort).
  • A reviewer might need to know when the approval due date is so they can give a content writer or graphic artist time to edit.
  • There might be custom checkbox or dropdown items (from a custom field) that need to be seen in the dashboard view. 

Some variation of this list above has been requested repeatedly in different threads over the last four years or so.

We have this ability to create complex, custom items to fit our business processes, but we have no overhauled way to gain and customize visibility into these new processes we can build. 

Our project managers and employees will still be stuck working half blind and trying to build numerous, overly complicated dashboards just to gain slightly better visibility (because ultimately people still need to click into the tasks to see the other data), which would much more easily be resolved by allowing Wrike users to choose which fields, dates, and other properties make it into each card on the dashboard.

Call me crazy, but this seems like an obvious and pressing issue that can massively improve productivity for everyone on the platform. It doesn't matter if we can customize item types around our internal processes and projects if we can't enable our employees or collaborators to easily see the information that we (not Wrike) determine is important for them to do their job.

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Thank you for such detailed feedback on Wrike Dashboards Arien Freymuth, there is so much insight in your post! I'm passing your post to the Product team now. They do have plans for dashboard enhancements, and your feedback is very much appreciated 🙌

Lisa Community Team at Wrike Wrike Product Manager Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

Lisa Wrike Team member Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thank you Lisa!

I hope this would be easy to implement because the widgets can already filter based on all of these things, so the database queries exist – it's just a matter of adjusting the widget element to display the matching filter criteria on each card. Programatically, it seems like it wouldn't be a big overhaul. 

Fingers crossed! 🙂

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Looking forward into this +1


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