Analyze Widgets and Effort Distribution

Attempting to create a Pivot Table widget in Analyze that displays effort per month associated with a project. Basically a Pivot version of a workload chart. Goal is to have a reliable projection of upcoming effort over the length of the project/contract. I just can't wrap my head around how to display/calculate the distribution of those hours over the duration of the task within the widget. As it stands, it is displaying the total effort value in the month of the task's start date.

e.g. In the image above, column of 7/2022, the task that is contributing that 48 value spans 12 months...but it only displays the lump some of hours based on the start date of the task. I would like it to display 4 hours every month.

It's either the field I am using for the columns, the effort per month value, or a combination of both. I believe updates to those two fields and some trick formulas should get me where I need to be, I just need a nudge in the right direction. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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We don't have Analyze yet - so I don't have a specific or verifiable answer for you - but in general, with relation to effort data - perhaps it would help to use flexible effort allocation to spread the values across the timeframes you are looking for?

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Jake Yohn, I agree with Sherrie Besecker about Flexible Effort. 

Looking at your view you are showing data by month, have you tried by day? I have noticed that Wrike Analyze gives me better information when my formula's specify days.

Another thought, have you tried a regular report with formulas?

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Sherrie Besecker we definitely utilize the flexible effort mode when assessing capacity in the workload view, which is very helpful. That is the frustrating part, as Wrike does have the functionality to process the total effort value and extrapolate said value over the duration of the task per day in workload, but when you attempt to recreate that in analyze in a table format, the fields currently available don't appear to allow that.

Kevin Thalacker May have to give the days a try as opposed to month, will just need to find a way to display a subtotal for the month. 

For a bit more context, we have power-users that are comfortable gathering information for a project from multiple areas of Wrike, e.g. a regular report for hours, workload for monthly projections, etc. But we are looking at aggregating all of these reports into Analyze as an overview for project stakeholders who do not have that access. That's one of the main reasons we jumped for the Analyze functionality.

Thank you both for the suggestions!


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