Seeking tips for managing attachments and storage space in Wrike

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We're starting to come up against our storage limit for the first time, and have realized we don't have any practices in place to manage attachments through the process or after the close of a project. I'm interested in hearing how others manage this in order to make some recommendations to our team on ways to address/prevent this in the future.

I did a good amount of searching before posting and was surprised there wasn't much on this topic at all.

As a creative team we upload a lot of images and pdfs for review, and Wrike Proof is integral to our process so linking to documents off-wrike usually isn't a good fit for the situation. Also, It's not heavily utilized but some of our external forms allow attachments, where a cloud storage linked file would fit smoothly into our process (if the user remembered to make the files shared) but I'm not sure if those folks are given that option like registered users are.

As far as ways to try to address it in hindsight and free up some space quickly, I've realized I can use file view at the folder and space levels, then sort by file size. That helped me quickly identify some particularly large targets that we no longer need. But I'd still love to hear how some other teams approach this.

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We have a status before "Completed" called "Ready to Close". This status assigns a project coordinator to go through the project and remove old file versions so that only the FINAL file that was approved stays in the project. This saves us a lot of space.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thanks Ashley Fischer for contributing, that sounds like a good process!


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