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(not sure if this is possible) We have limited equipment stocks, at the moment the cameras for example are a custom field and the operator says if they are being used or not. This then feeds a report of yes' so we can then see if we are over stock numbers however this is a very manual and almost too late situation. The ideal would be setting that we have 8 cameras therefor if 8 are booked that day and you go to select "yes" on the custom field it's not allowed.

Not sure if this is possible via some automation or even at all, i've been scratching my head with it for a few hours so thought now was the best time to ask some experts!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and ideas.

Kyle 🙂

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Hi Kyle, 

We have an Inventory folder, too, with limited supplies available. As the "quantity ordered" custom field is updated, the "quantity in office" calculated field updates and has a color-coding on it to visually indicate low stock on hand. 

We don't have an automation rule set up for this folder, but I think if you set yours up with a dropdown for "all cameras in use", you could trigger an automation rule to alert someone based on that. The Wrike automation rules currently only work for dropdown and checkbox custom fields, but I know the Wrike team is working on more options for future releases. 


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