Group simply by Project in Timelog

When accessing the Timelog for a folder, I can group the time tracking on tasks by a selection of attributes. 
I need to simply group the tasks by "Project", not "Project or folder" as this is the only option coming close to a solution to my need. 

I think my issue occurs to due the fact that we have a folder called "Development" in all of our Projects. This means that our "Development" folder gets all the time tracked assigned to it in "Timelog", because somehow Wrike first checks for folder, and then project when the grouping is done. 

So, preferably I would like to be able to have grouping by folders and projects split up into individual options. 

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Hi Mikkel Siggaard, welcome to the Community! 👋

Thank you for submitting your feedback in relation to the Timelog View, I'm passing it to our Product team now 👍

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