Template tasks relative to static project dates

My husband and I work in real estate. There are a lot of real estate project management systems out there. But we wanted something that was wholly comphrensive that could incorporate more than just work. We wanted to manage our household and life in the same single project management system. We tried Asana, Todo list, and I keep coming back to wrike. 

Something that is very important to us in our job and most other real estate agents is that there are certain tasks that are triggered off of key milestone dates. For example, 2 days after going into "mutual" or 5 days after mutual. 10 days before closing, etc. 

I highly recommend being able to add key dates to projects and when the tasks are added (especially in templates), you can say X number of days from a selected key date (and be able to select whether or not they are calendar or business days). 

I hope this is clear. Let me know if there is any questions! 


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Updates to templates and blueprints for dates would be incredibly useful. In some ways our old system 'Redbooth' was easier to launch projects as you had the option of x days from start or finish.

There is so much additional functionality which could be added. We're using more and more milestone tasks throughout projects, and often these vary upon launch.

One very beneficial addition would be to pick a milestone date. Then all tasks from the template or blueprint would move before and after accordingly. Example: We have training events which go over 3 days, but there are tasks which start x number of days before Day 1 and x number of days after e/g/ check room booking and charge attendees. The only way I can get around this is to add a field on the request form which says something like 'set date to 3 days after last training day' - it would be much easier to pick 1st day training as the date and the blueprint scheduling do the rest.

Hope this makes sense

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I'd like to also add in a request for this feature. Many of our sale/marketing projects are keyed off of X days after prior event. So Email #1 is sent today, Phone call # 1 is set for X days after that. Being able to code that into a blueprint would make things *much* simpler for us to use. 

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Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

I wonder if Lag time functionality can be helpful here. Lag time indicates the wait period before the next task or tasks in a chain can start. Leads and Lags are added from the table portion of the Gantt Chart.

Please let me know if it helps 🙂

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Thanks for the suggestion Lisa!

Two things that are holding me back from using this currently - and both may simply be user error. 

1) Lag time doesn't seem to skip over weekends like I expect it to, and I cannot find a way to make it do so.

2) When I set up dependencies and lag times, it doesn't seem to "save it". I'll have everything looking correct - besides the weekend issue - but the instant I navigate away from that project and return some of the times default back to the wrong date. I correct it by reentering the lag time, navigate away and come back to the same issue. 

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I agree with this feed. I am in real estate as well and sometimes our dates get moved, and it would be great to be able to have the other  tasks move along with it... example... We schedule a walk through one day before a closing. If the closing date moves, it would be great if the walk through date could move automatically without having to confirm it. Maybe there's a work around or something that I am not sure how to use as I am a novice user. Thanks


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