Branch Roll-Up With Dependencies

If you're on labs and have been taking advantage of branch roll-up like I have then you may be enjoying this much needed feature.  It does come with some limitations though. 

When you're using it to roll-up a parent task where some the subtasks have dependecies you may encounter the red dependency line error.  

Here's the setup which is a style carry over from MS project.  You have a parent task with multiple dependencies.  The first subtask in that list does not have a dependency and inherits its start date from the parent task.  You're building out your schedule and now wish to add a dependency to that set of tasks.  Intuitively you put that dependency on the parent task thinking the subtask without the dependency will inherit that start date and move the dependent tasks out with it.  

Wrike returns an error here.  Adding the predecessor to the parent task initially moves the task out on the Gantt chart (gantt bar gets the cross hatched section).  Running a branch roll-up reverts the task and ignores the new predecessor you've put on the parent task.

The solution to this issue is to take the predecessor off of the parent and move it to that first subtask.  Branch roll-up will affect the proper change in this scenario.

This does make it tough to create project templates where, ideally you could manipulate the schedule at the parent task level.

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