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I don't see the option to add collaborators to my Wrike projects. Is it possible that this is a permissions or user profile issue?

Also, I'm looking to add dependencies but the task options I'm seeing are very general. If I use a template to create projects, many of those projects will have tasks with the same name but within different spaces. How can I know which task I am linking my dependency to?




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When you duplicate a project template, do you use the option to add a 'prefix'? When you do that, every task in the template gets the prefix in the title so that each task looks unique between projects.

As far as adding collaborators, I always use the button in the footer of the app.

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The first step for Collaborators is they need to be added to Wrike as a Collaborator. Once you add that user to Wrike as a collaborator then you would share the project/folder to that Collaborator. All of our staff are in groups. Collaborators live in their own groups or don't have live in a group at all. Collaborators in groups are people that belong to the same organization or function. That we can assign that group of Collaborators to a specific project. 

The way Noel outlined is one way to know which tasks are associated with a project. We have shied away from doing that. We have set most of the list and board views to include the folder in the view. This allows us to see the parent folder for the task, thus telling us what project the task sits in. This doesn't work as well when the task is buried in the folder structure (Project>Phase>Component>Task). However, the hover states on the folder names in some views will tell us the originating folder/project. We don't add prefixes because we have found that it can disguise the more of the task name than we would like in some views. 

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