How can I unshare a custom field from a particular folder



Problem I have : in one of my folder, I've added by mistake the custom field ''Pourcent'' .

I've added this field via the view table --> wanted to unshare it in this folder and I don't find any way to remove it. Easy to add but seems to be impossible to do the opposite ? Would be nice to improve this feature


Could you help me out ?



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Hi Amandine,

I spent quite a bit of time learning the rules for Custom Field mapping myself. 

From what I can tell, to unmap a field from a folder, you'll need to ensure the following:

- No values exist at the task, subtask, or project level within the custom field within the folder

Once you've done that, I try to "Remove" (New Table view in labs) or "Delete" (Table view) the custom field from the lowest level and then work my way up to the highest level. In other words, try removing it from any subtask in your projects via table view, then task, then project level.

You'll have to select the task or project view from the last in the navigation panel on the left.


If there are any projects or tasks within the folder that had the custom field mapped, then you won't be able to remove it at the folder level.

I'll see if I can't put together a screenshot for you shortly.

Hope you're able to remove this field. At the very least, you can unselect it using the little gear in the table view to remove it from view, but I understand how frustrating it is to have something mapped where you don't want it.



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