Measure the flow/Workflow? KPI

Hi all.

Pretty new to Wrike and trying to implement it with an Agile workflow, with a Kanbanstructured board.I am now trying to find out a way how I could measure the KPI's of our agile way of working.

One KPI would be "the flow", for how long time has a task been in the flow, pulled from "Backlog" and finally be put in Done.

Another KPI would be to see how long a task has been in one phase, "age-ing time".

Any ideas how this could be solved, cannot se any timestamps except created.

Best regards Rikard  

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Hey Rikard, I've moved this post to the Best Practice section so others can share how they might do this.

You can use Reports to get a view of what Status Projects are in at that time. For a more complex approach to seeing how items are moving through the Workflow, you can try our beta feature, Workflow Reports, on Labs. This shows you the average time items stay in one status and also common transitions from one status to another.

It would be great to hear your feedback about this beta feature.

I'm also looking forward to hearing others best practices on this, so I've featured the post on the Community homepage 👍


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Hi Rikard, 

Depending on how work is started, you can use Calculated Fields (enabled in Wrike Labs) and run a report with a calculation of one of the following types:

First, try creating a new Tasks-based report and filter by status of "All finished". 

If tasks are intended to be started when they are created, then create the following "Calculated Field":

[Completed Date] - [Created Date]


If, instead, tasks are created prior to them needing to be started, then create a calculated Field of the following:

[Completed Date] - [Start Date]

With this calculation, you may see negative numbers if tasks are completed prior to the assigned start date.


This may be a bit of a hack for what you are after, but hopefully it will help drive some ideas that I'm not thinking of yet.





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Hi Wrikers.

Great thoughts!

Appreciate the input on the workflow report, it will give us useful input to our retro regarding our process. However, if I would like to measure on a more detailed level (Project/task) it not giving me the answer. 

I agree that complete date gives me an idea of how long a particular task has been in the flow, which is helpful. Moreover; is there a way of measuring for how long a task has been unmoved(has not changed the status in the workflow). If I could detect these tasks I could highlight this in a early stage before it become critical.

(This feature is used in Trello for example and it makes the card fuzzy when it grows older. )

Best regards



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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Rikard! It sounds like Workflow Reports and Calculated Fields don't quite fit the bill right now. Our Product Feedback section is a great place to request new features or functionality enhancements. Would you be able to create a post there?


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