Rounding Time Log Entries

We used a system before Wrike that rounded every time log to the nearest quarter hour, but Wrike doesn’t do that - it doesn't round the time entry at all. Because of this the billing for our clients and the paying of our contractors is all way off.

Our workaround right now is to export time log reports out into Excel and manually round all of the entries to then add them up for a proper billing number.

It would be awesome if Wrike had an option to turn on rounding time log entries to the quarter hour upon entry for accounting purposes.

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We're looking for the exact same thing ...

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

The original request asked for a specific amount of rounding time, to a quarter-hour. The rounding of time is something that would be great on a reporting level, but the rounding method would need to be adjustable. For example, a standard practice for a professional is to round their time based on 1/10 of an hour / 6-minute rounding.

I'm upvoting this idea and hoping for a Wrike Labs feature to try out Rounded Time Entry with the ability to set the rounding duration.

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