After "Restore" tasks/folders/projects, where do they go?

As an admin, every now and then, I want to clean out stuffs in Recycle Bin. I saw many tasks, folders or projects in there that have duplicate names (some of the teams created projects from many templates we have, and delete them, several times over the year).  It wouldn't be a problem if the next step is to erase them forever.  But  I clicked RESTORE by mistake.

This became a confusing issue, as I didn't know where it went. Have I just created a problem for some users who now had extra item shown up in their project or folder? (they did delete it before).  I couldn't do a search because the items have the same name with many others (remember templates?).

I also discovered that items lose their original folder tags in Recycle Bin.  So there is no easy way to find things in Recycle Bin, if they have duplicate title (created from template!).

Any solution or work around would be appreciated.

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