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I have a request from a user for specific dashboard or report to:

Parent Folder

Project Name

Project Status

Current Task due in a defined time period (day, next 7 days, or month) and assignee of that tasks

Possible filter to add any overdue tasks and assignee of those tasks 

End Due Date(custom field)

I have played around with both the dashboard and report features and I am unable to achieve the above.

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Christine! You might need a couple different widgets or Reports, but I think we can do what the person is looking for. Let me know if they were looking for everything to be on one Report/Dashboard Widget though.

I'll start with the first three items you mention. You can make a Project Report and those type of Reports automatically show the parent Folder's name, the Project name, and the Project status. You could also make a Dashboard widget, but that would only show Project name and status, not the parent Folder name. 

I'm going to skip point four for now (the one about current task due) and talk about the last two points.

  • Overdue + Assignee: When you're creating a Dashboard widget or Report you can add filters. For Dashboards, the filter panel is on the right side of the Custom Widget pop-up and for Reports, it's the third panel in the builder. Under the "Tasks to do" heading there's an overdue filter you can check which makes it so that the Report/widget only shows overdue tasks. On Reports, you can then sort by assignee to see who is assigned to the task. For Dashboards, you'll see the assignee's image next to task name. 
  • End Due Date (Custom Field): For both Dashboards and Reports, click "Add more filters" at the bottom of the filter panel and from there you'll be able to see the Custom Fields added to the Folder/Project you're including on your Report/widget. You can combine this filter option with the overdue option described above if you want to see the date that an overdue item was supposed to be completed by.

Jumping back to point four now. On both Report and widget filter panels, there's a "Due Date" filter option. You'll be able to filter by task's due today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month, last month, 30 days ahead, 7 days ahead, and due during a specific time frame. Dashboard widgets and Reports will both filter for any tasks in the Folder/Project that you've specified. 

Let me know if that helps or if I missed the mark and you/they were looking for something else! 

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