Rate Importance on 1-5 Scale instead of Low - Medium - High

I find myself having to invent ever more complex filters and tags to sort the nuances of my priorities within the hundreds of tasks among tens of projects I have in Wrike.

It would be tremendously helpful if the arbitrary distinction of 1-2-3 (Low - Medium - High) was changed to 1-2-3-4-5 to allow more granularity in that filter.

In terms of how you would display this in the limited amount of space allocated for the graphical representation, maybe a small square made up of 4 boxes - starting at one and adding sequentially - then a border around the box (with a 1px space between it and the boxes) representing the 5th level. Perhaps the border would have a different color to indicate that. Alternatively, make them stack vertically, with perhaps the same border representing the 5th if there are space limitations. Alternative to the border could just be remove the spacing between the boxes so the most important appear as a solid line/box.

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