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I'm looking for any best practices on workflows specifically for digital and social media campaigns. We'll be partnering with an agency, who we've brought in as collaborators, so examples of workflows that best suite that relationship as well would be appreciated! 

Here's what I have so far: 

To Do

In Progress

In Review

In Brand Review

Awaiting Launch


In Testing


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Stephanie Westbrook

Hiya Perrie! It's not a social media but I can share the workflow that the Help Center/Community team uses: 

  • Not Started 
  • Pending assignment 
  • In progress
  • Waiting on info 
  • In review 
  • Ready to post 
  • Release Notes
  • Published
  • Completed (if it's content we're publishing, then we do Published, if it's another type of task we do completed)
  • On hold (we never use this, we should honestly probably delete it)
  • Cancelled 
  • Future update (really helpful for when we know something will need to be created eventually, but not for a while)
  • Ready + Future (for when something has passed review and is ready to go but we're waiting on a release)

It's on its second iteration right now and I think it could use a couple of tweaks, but overall really happy with it!

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Hi Stephanie, would this also work with editorial posts?

We have a social team and editorial teams we're trying to get on wrike.  Love the calendar is in progress, but in the meantime I need a way to manage their posts on Wrike.


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Hi Cesar!

For Social Media content, I'd add 'Scheduled' - as I understand that many social posts may be scheduled and auto-posted by a Social Media management software. I'd also think about adding, 'Waiting for assets/design' for when you're waiting to add image/video to your posts. Otherwise, the flow Stephanie shared should cover all eventualities.

I think Danny's post might interest you too. Danny works on our own Content Team and will be submitting articles in the coming weeks about his team's Wrike deployment. You can click 'follow' at the top of his post to be notified of new posts.

The great news is that we expect a calendar functionality to be released at the end of the month/start of next month which will allow you to create robust content calendars which I'm sure will excite your editorial teams. You can follow the Release Notes section for weekly updates!

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Is there a way to export/share workflows to save everyone from re-inventing the workflow wheel so to speak? 

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Hi Anfernee, sorry about the delay getting back to you here.

You can add any Workflow you're created to any Project. Regular and External users can do this. Here's a little more information.

It would be great to hear about the Workflow you've chosen 🙂


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