Getting your team on-board

Success with any project management system hinges on buy-in from your staff.  Get you team on-board by:

Become an expert - learn the project management system well so you can be support for your team members.

Train - take half a day and lead a workshop for you team on how to use Wrike and how it will work for your team.  Be sure to explain how much better their lives will be due to using Wrike.

Feedback - Actively seek out feedback from your team and act upon it.  Make your team part of the process of finding how Wrike will best work for you.

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Hi Matt, thanks for sharing some insights! I particularly like the one about "becoming an expert". Our Deployment team always makes sure that each team they work with has "Wrike Champions" aka people on the team who are able to help answer questions and get people started. 

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