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Note from Wrike Team: Check out New Dashboards - missing features to vote on the original request.

Editing to keep my feedback in one place:

This was initially a post just about the new Dashboard view removing the ability to complete tasks from the right click menu. The more I use the new dashboard, the more I miss the old one. Multiple changes have been made that require me to spend more time and energy managing my work--extra clicks and fewer options are forcing me to constantly open tasks to make small changes I was able to make directly from the Dashboard before.

Here is where I will keep a running list of feedback:

  • Please restore ability to complete tasks directly from Dashboard.
  • Please restore ability to reschedule by clicking on calendar date directly from Dashboard.
  • I miss the number showing how many subtasks live within a task. Now it's just an arrow I have to expand before I can see how many subs there are.
  • How do I delete a widget now?

All that said, I do like the functionality of being able to drag and drop. I thought that was all live for the last couple weeks, but maybe I was just taking advantage of changes your team was making before actually rolling out the full new Dashboard.

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Hi Paul, I can see you've also joined the conversation over here on Oskars post and added this detail there too, thank you! To keep all feedback in one place I'll mark this post as a duplicate and redirect other members to Oskar's post.

Thank you for your feedback on this! 👍

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