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Keeping a project synced in Jira, Salesforce and Wrike

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    John Wall

    This setup didn't work for us due to the lack of flexibility with the direct Wrike-Salesforce integration (e.g. not being able to edit custom fields, not having access to comments in Salesforce, lack of Lightning capability, et al.)

    I instead set up a 2-step process using JIRA as a bridge. Currently, I'm syncing a `JIRA` folder in Wrike to JIRA using, and syncing JIRA to Salesforce using the Service Rocket JIRA add-on. It allows us to be able to sync comments between the three platforms and gives us the ability to update Wrike & Salesforce fields on Tasks & Cases as appropriate, and as an added bonus it gives us the reporting capabilities of JIRA (great for time tracking and SLAs).

    It's still not perfect, but it allows for us to have a streamlined process of creating a Case in Salesforce and syncing custom fields down to Wrike using JIRA as a go-between until the direct integration is a little more robust.

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