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Sort By Date Created

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    Stephanie Westbrook

    Hi Dana, there's currently no way to directly sort by created first to last. The best workaround would be to number your tasks as you create them so that when you sort by title they sort by created first to last. For example,

    • 1-Task Name
    • 2-Task Name
    • 3-Task Name 
    • 4-Task Name
    • 5Task Name

    I know that's a workaround and not the exact functionality you're looking for, so I'm also moving this post to our Product Feedback section that way other users can +1 it. 

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    David O'Donoghue

    This certainly needs change, I have a bug list that is growing daily and I need to report on how many were added each week.

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    Laura Walz

    This is necessary for our team as well. We work in a task list where first in needs to be worked on first; today there is no easy way to do this.

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    Richard Bitgood

    I would love this feature as well. Having a date created would help us sort through tasks much more efficiently!

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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪
    Jamie Adler

    Is this really still unaddressed after a year-and-a-half? With only a very unworkable workaround to live with?!

    I'm shocked that we can't control the Sort Order in Lists and Dashboard Widgets.

    Anything I can filter upon should also be something I can Sort upon!

    I've got to say: The more we use Wrike (and it's been a couple of years) the harder it becomes to use.

    There is now so much content in here that Wrike's poor filtering, reporting and ways to manage priorities leave us with no way to know what work to do!! I cannot recommend to others the use of a system that puts data in without a good way to get it back out and accomplish project goals.

    My use case (that brought me to this Issue) is this:

    I have so many Overdue tasks at this point (200+) that I need to sort by Due Date-Newest to Oldest so I can focus on the present until someone brings up something older. I can't sort in the Dashboard Widget I'm attempting to build (nor in the corresponding List view).

    Further, I can't Filter by Due Date (in either place) so that I can at least limit what appears to me to only the newest stuff. Choosing a Filter of "Tasks To Do" = "overdue" and adding a filter for "Due Date" = "this month" does not eliminate tasks due before or after 'this month' as one would expect.

    And (for another ticket, but while I'm ranting) even if that worked, I really want to filter on "last 30 days" - not "this month" when it's only the 3rd of the month! How come I can look ahead 7 or 30 days, but not back 30 days? (or even filter by BOTH 'this month' AND 'last month')?

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    Felix Widmaier

    Please add this, it is really needed. For example, it would help to find the tasks I recently created (I am often surprised how hard it is to find tasks if you are not an assignee...).

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    David Bensoussan

    Please add this, this is quite frustrating. Another idea is to have an activity widget in the dashboard and scroll.

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