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It is not always clear which master project belongs to the task, when the task is in a subfolder or subproject.
I suggest to allow one major project folder to be marked as a Master project and be displayed below the names of all subprojects, folders, subfolders, tasks, subtasks in the major project structure.

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Hi Vlaho! Thanks for sharing :) Just to clarify: you'd like to be able to see the full Folder path for any task and subtask?

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I can see that when I hover folder or project tab under task name, but I would like to see name of project I designated as Master project.

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I would love to see the whole folder path/ Parent Folders in the Report section.

Our projetcts consist of different Subprojects and currently sometimes you don't understand which project the tasks belong to because it only shows the subprojects but not the Parent Folders. Please integrate that you can display the whole folder path here.

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