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Hey, was wondering if there was any other format other than pdf that can be used to upload onto wrike through the cc extension from indesign. In some of there other programmes you have the option between PNG, JPEG and Pdf. Any help would be great!

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Hi Killian, thank you for posting here! You're right, currently files from InDesign can be uploaded only in PDF format, but I think this is an interesting idea, so I'm going to move it over to our Product Feedback section so other users could share their thoughts and add votes to it :)

I also wanted to quickly mention, in case someone else is looking for this information, that while InDesign uploads can be added to Wrike only in PDF format, there is a choice between file types when uploading from other Adobe products:

  • Adobe Photoshop: PNG and JPG
  • Adobe Illustrator: PDF, PNG, and JPG

Happy to answer any other questions about this!

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This is definitely something we need as a design team. We frequently need to set up files for our social media team who need their visuals in either JPG or PNG format. Our primary app is InDesign so this is where we usually upload our files from to Wrike. Being able to share the files with the social media team as JPEGs would save us a couple of extra steps in changing the file format after proofing. Hope this is something that will be implemented soon! :)

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Another vote for this. Currently researching various proofing/approval systems and unfortunately this is a dealbreaker for us.

We need to be able to either disable downloading of the PDF files, or have the option of uploading PNG or JPEG files from InDesign.

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Definitely needed - particularly as the Wrike 'Boards' view only gives previews of images. CC Wrike Extension definitely needs an export dialogue more akin to the full InDesign Preferences, or even a few presets of PNG and JPG @ 72PPI and 300PPI


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