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Hi folks,
We are happy to announce a new series here - Community Inspire
In this series, we would like to put the spotlight on some of our experienced Community members to talk about themselves, their experience, and share their advice. The first post in the series is with Devree Czupinski, one of our Community Black Belts. Devree comes with a deep experience in both the healthcare industry and Wrike! Let's hear it from her, if you have any questions for Devree please don't hesitate to share them in the comments 👇
Please tell us about yourself, your role, and your industry 🎤
Hi! I'm a Manager within the Custom Reporting & Analytics (CRA) department at Press Ganey. I majored in computational math and have been working at Press Ganey for nine and a half years. Press Ganey is in the human experience healthcare industry where our mission is to give organizations the insights, expertise, and solutions to achieve impact and improvement across all aspects of healthcare.
Your Wrike story: when did it start and how did it evolve?
Our team discovered Wrike in 2017 when we needed to find a better solution to managing our team's workload and incoming report requests. We had been using spreadsheets and SharePoint classic, but it was impossible to get an easy look at all of the work we do at once. Wrike met every one of our needs at the time so we moved forward with getting all of our processes under the Wrike roof! Since then, we have been able to easily update our process and request form as our needs change and as Wrike updates various features and capabilities!
What were your top challenges before using Wrike?
We had four separate processes to track incoming requests, recurring reports, quality checks, and new set-ups. None of them were able to be cross-referenced without someone spending many manual hours doing so. We had a request form that was long and rigid, even when the request was for a simple update to a report, not a brand-new report request. We had a really hard time being able to track valuable numbers of hours/projects/report runs/etc. to show what our department was producing at the time.
Share one of your most common use cases and how you use Wrike to increase your productivity.
My major increase in productivity is seeing my dashboard each day in Wrike. I can easily see new programming requests I have, see what my direct reports are working on, anything new coming into the queue, and what recurring tasks I have coming up with a few simple clicks!
What are the key Wrike features you consider yourself an expert in? Any advice for members who'd like to improve the same Wrike skills?
I would consider myself an expert in blueprints, automations, request forms, recurring tasks, custom fields, workflows, and dashboards. If you ever want to brush up on a few skills, Wrike discover is a great place to go for just-in-time learning. I also encourage keeping up with the "Brought to you by Wrike" forum on the community, playing with new features in your personal space, and trying out features in Wrike Labs!
Could you describe your experience with Wrike in one sentence?
Being able to leverage an easy to use project management tool to keep our entire team organized while being flexible enough to handle our changing needs over time!
How did Wrike's Community play a role in your Wrike journey?
I enjoy reading up on the new features released by Wrike, upvoting new product suggestions, and taking part in the various challenges/competitions! The community and help articles are always something I emphasize when someone new joins our Wrike account. I am on the community pages nearly every day and especially when helping my coworkers or trying out a new feature!

🔥 Rapid Fire Questions 🔥

The approximate number of tasks you create per day 🔢
3-6 ... most of our tasks are created via blueprints that others submit.
Three essential things in Wrike you can't live without 3️⃣
Dashboards, Reports, Request Forms
One Wrike feature you'd want everyone in your life to use and why 🧐
Automations! To be able to streamline the small annoying administrative tasks in your day!
A piece of advice you wish you've had received when you started using Wrike 🧑‍🏫
Take your time to create a good process, but then iterate it over time. Do regular audits of forms, processes, and blueprints to see how things can be regularly improved.
Anything else you'd like to share with Wrike's Community 💚
Thanks for being a great community to interact with!
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Thanks Devree for sharing your expertise with us! 😄

👍 Spot On 💡 Innovative Approach 💪 Stellar Advice ✅ Solved 🪄 Remove Kudos

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