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    Ben Levitan hizo un comentario,

    Hi Huge, Thanks for the feedback. I`ve tried using Workflow report, unfortunately, this does not meet my needs. I`m looking for a report that can provide me this input on a task level, not as an av...

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    Ben Levitan creó una publicación,

    Show Status change date

    Hi, I`m looking for a way to have a report which shows the duration (days) that a task sits under a status. For example:  I have a workflow of 4 stages - (1.Design, 2. Build, 3. Implementation, 4.C...

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    Ben Levitan hizo un comentario,

    Since last message here was over a year ago, Trying my luck to see if there is any progress on this one. Sure would be handy to have a notification once a custom field is updated.