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    Keith Fetterman hizo un comentario,

    I added +1 to the thread you mentioned.  It appears this is what I am asking for.  What I want is a file cabinet with folders and subfolders.  The documents and files that appear here can be attach...

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    Keith Fetterman creó una publicación,

    Attach a file to multiple tasks / Wrike File Cabinet

    I often find that I need to attach the same file or image to multiple tasks. It would be a nice feature, you Wrike implemented a file cabinet where you could find existing attachments and atta...

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    Keith Fetterman hizo un comentario,

    Keith Fetterman Mar 17, 9:07 AM PDT In regards to the Daily To Do email that Wrike sends out, would it be possible for you to add the folder/project and parent task if it's subtask? Currently,...