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    Ron DeVries creó una publicación,

    Past due tasks not showing in red font

    I'm a novice Wrike user.  I'm fairly certain our Reports used to show Finish Dates in a red font when past due.  It seem this changed?  How can I get the dates in a red font when past due?

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    Ron DeVries hizo un comentario,

    This is a great idea.  And a suggested improvement would be to have these colors change automatically based on parameters set by the user - if the due date for the task is within x days of the toda...

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    Ron DeVries creó una publicación,

    Automatically change status color

    Can you set a feature to allow the color to change automatically from say green to red if today's date is equal to or greater than the finish date?  Or from green to yellow if the finish date is x ...