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    John Bart comentou,

    What resolved the issue for me was selecting "no proxy" in network settings in Firefox (at the bottom of the settings page).

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    Firefox Performance

    I recently switched from Chrome to Firefox because of the upcoming changes Google is making to Chrome's ability to block ads. However, I've noticed a substantial slowdown on Firefox. Does anyone ha...

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    John Bart criou uma publicação,

    [Status: Released 🚀] Add comments enter/shift+enter actions should be reversed

    When commenting, enter and shift-enter carriage return and send, respectively. Every chat app I've used in the last several years uses enter to comment and shift-enter to carriage return. I'm pumpe...

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    John Bart criou uma publicação,

    Feature Request: IFTTT

    It would be fantastic if there were IFTTT integration. One of my most-used IFTTT applets is to send emails when I like a tweet (so I can read full blog posts, etc. later). Centralizing this kind of...