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CEO - Operations at ADVOS legal. Re-imagining the way law gets done, and building the platform for thousands of lawyers to love their work.


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Custom fields in Blueprints?

Looking at using Blueprints - and if we're going to make them really useful, we'll need to be able to pre-populate custom fields in them.  Is that in the works? At present, it looks like blueprints...

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How are Blueprints different from creating task/project/folder templates and duplicating them?

I am looking at the Blueprint functionality, and don't really see how it's any different from our current practice of creating a set of templates for projects/folders/tasks we frequently use, and t...

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[Duplicate] Ability to edit & send snapshots of Reports created by someone else

We need to be able to have one person create reports, and then let other users create snapshots of those reports, or even edit them.  Otherwise, if the person who created our client status reports ...


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