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  • Project Comment Email Notifications

    A team member has noticed that when she creates Projects, she does not receive email notifications if other users add comments to her Project or create Tasks within her Project. First I'd like to c...

  • Task Protection

    Has there been any thought about making tasks "protected" so that others can see them and comment on them, but not actually change the date/description? 

  • Recurrent Task gCal Integration

    We are loving the new version of recurrent tasks! We also love the gCal integration, where we are able to actually put things on our calendar. It would be really great to see these two function tog...

  • Editing Documents

    Is anyone else experiencing glitches with Document Editor? Multiple users at my company aren't able to edit, and clicking Edit actually downloads the file. Is there a known issue with this?

  • Recurring dependent tasks

    Hello, community! I'm loving the new recurring task functionality in beta, but one of our users has hit a snag and I'm not sure how to guide her. She has three tasks which are recurring, sequential...

  • Email Notifications on Created Tasks

    Currently one section of email notifications is for: "For tasks assigned to me or created by me". Personally, there are lots of tasks that I have created that once I have created them I don't need ...

  • Seeing Folder Structure without Sharing Folder

    When I share a task/project that I have nested in a folder, but I have not shared that folder (and do not want to, as I do not want to grant access to everything in that folder), the task/project k...