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Vice President, Demarche Consulting


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Showing deltas on schedules (timeline) in Wrike

Is there a way to show the delta of time from a planned delivery date to an actual delivery date?  

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Formatting Tables in the Description Field

I assumed the Collaboration Space in Wrike is a live editor with the ability to use the formatting tools, so my natural assumption is that the table would have the same level of function. I prefer ...

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Custom Fields | Hide or Show on Project Level

I would really appreciate the ability to show/hide custom fields on the PROJECT level as is available on the TASK level. Seems like it's possible.  My custom fields take up valuable real estate on ...

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Reports: Export to Excel Auto Sum

Seems like low lying fruit to have the auto sum feature work in VALUE and SUM custom fields when I export to Excel without having to manually add each figure.   I have tried every workaround I can ...