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Director of Interactive Technology at 3D Exhibits, a Sparks company


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quick "copy" buttons in permalink flyout

This is fairly common in other cloud based tools.  I use permalinks a fair bit, so this would be a nice little perk.  

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Speed assign by group

Add a way to quickly assign a task to all individuals in a user group. See the "assign to group" in this mockup.  This would be a subtle link, to avoid people haphazardly choosing the group by mist...

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Fluid date filters for dates in custom fields

Currently, when filtering, DUE DATES have the "7 days ahead" or "30 days ahead" feature, which are not available when filtering a CUSTOM FIELD date.   In our use case, multiple milestones are capt...

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widget bug - Status group filter

I'm adjusting an existing dashboard widget. If I filter, and choose a specific active status of Software Dev: To Do ... I see (1) task But if I filter, and choose All Active, which includes the abo...

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Using subfolders vs. subtasks

Sometimes I want to break work into smaller parts.  There are 2 main ways to do this:      (A) use sub-folders/sub-projects      (B) use subtasks I'd love some advice from the pro's at Wrike regard...

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Folder Structure examples

I've used Wrike since 2013.  I've always found the "flexible folder structure" to be THE most difficult aspect in the program (to set-up, to change later, to explain to new users, to be efficient, ...


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