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Desktop app search box with existing text: single-click caret positioning & double-click selecting text - not working

Hello, I'm having issues with the search box in the Desktop app. I have already reported it via Support and it was deemed to be a "feature improvement request" (although that is debatable in my opi...

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Single Sign-on just-in-time provisioning - selecting the new JIT user license (user/collaborator)

Hello, We're exploring options of linking Azure Active Directory and Wrike. Our use case is: Wrike users: IT + some managers Wrike collaborators: other non-IT employees Our main task "ingest" pipe...

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Enable filtering Analytics charts by custom fields

Sometimes looking at Analytics charts for a folder is not good enough, we'd like to slice and dice with custom fields as well. Use case: we use custom fields to categorize tasks (business area (B2B...


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