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  3. [Competition] Wrike's Valentine's competition! 💚

I'd share this with my colleague in my business unit.  We've recently started using Wrike and are still getting to grips with how it operates.  This would probably help us get up to speed a lot qui...

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  3. Successors column in Timeline View

I agree with this thread.  My projects have a fixed delivery date so being able to schedule tasks backwards to know when you should be starting would be a great feature.

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  3. FAQ: Types of Dependencies

I'm a bit confused re the SF ('backward') dependency. In this post it says "Task A can’t finish before Task B starts", but on the Wrike Help Center "Task B can't finish before Task A starts". There...

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  3. Add Ad-Hoc assignees without an invitation

Couldn't you just add a custom field called, for example, 'Owner' and add in the person's name there?


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