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Former IT specialist, now digital marketer but with similar problems and stress levels as before...


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  3. Big Picture Setup

Not sure about that, but it seems you will need Professional Service extension for this...

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  3. What's the equivalent of a Google Doc in Wrike? I need to share a simple, but continually updated document

Why don't you use the calendar? We use that for our social media content planning...

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  2. Betas and More 🔬
  3. [From Wrike's Product Team] Interviews: Fixed Fee, Retainers and Billing

Hello Alina, the submit a request form link in this page does not work! I am also interested in participating in this quick interview...

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  3. [Competition] Wrike's Holiday Countdown - Day 1!

good idea this challenge to get things done...respect to your marketing team! 👊

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  2. Product Feedback
  3. Restrict access to timesheets

We put different Projects in different Workspaces but I am not sure it is compliant nor that this might be a solution for you...

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  3. Still no Time Log Reports with Custom fields available?

Suggested Workaround from the Support-Chat: So Timelog reports are based on a limited number of setting to tweak so there is no way to add Custom Fields as a filter to a Timelog Report. But you cou...