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[Status: Not planned] Workload Remaining Effort

One area that I find Wrike to be weak in is the relationship between planned effort and work done to date. There is no tie between how much work we planned to do and how much has been done so far, ...

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Gantt Chart Printing Features

To continue the feedback related to printing Gantt charts, I have started this new post as recommended by Lisa. The requests for features typically seen and requested for Gantt chart printing optio...

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Scroll Bars on Gantt Chart

Please add scroll bars to the Gantt Chart view. A horizontal scroll bar exists for Workload charts, but not Gantt charts. These are both timeline based layouts, and it makes no sense that there is ...

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Multi-Select Inbox

When the inbox receives a large number of items (alerts due to automation rules, for example) there is no way to archive multiple inbox alerts at one time. I have to go through over 100 items and m...

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Personal Space Icon Customization

All other spaces have a settings dialog where you can set the icon and the icon color (with the new experience interface). However, there is no way to edit the Personal Space icon.  This doesn't ma...

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Assign Custom Field to Other Space or Folder

Currently you can create a formula based custom field in each space but there doesn't appear to be any way of adding that same field to other spaces. You have to recreate it from scratch in each sp...


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