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  2. Product Feedback
  3. [Status: Backburner ⏳] Custom fields of a folder and being important should be attributed to tasks/issues in that folder

We also need the current custom field logic to expand: as of right now, our team members that have only access to subfolders do not even see the custom fields deployed in parent folders/projects. P...

  1. Сообщество
  2. Product Feedback
  3. Shared Mailboxes with the Outlook add-in

As per Outlook's add-in API requirement set 1.8 (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office/dev/add-ins/reference/objectmodel/requirement-set-1.8/outlook-requirement-set-1.8) it is possible for the ad...

  1. Сообщество
  2. Product Feedback
  3. Ability to select multiple files at once to Attach to Tasks from DropBox pop-up

This function has to be implemented asap. Our whole team also relies on it in order to boost productivity.


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