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Move Request Form to a new space

Some of my Wrike teams are adjusting responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is that the results of a request form needs to be move to the new teams space.    Does anyone have any ideas for h...

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Using the "OR" operator in a filter

I'm working on a dashboard for my team that will display any task that is missing information, as defined by a few different custom fields. For example, once a task is created from a request form, ...

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Custom fields limited to a space

I've got multiple spaces for different departments in the organization and we use many custom fields. Some custom fields that are shared across the entire organization and other custom fields are s...

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Request forms and communicating with external users

Problem: When an end user submits an external request form, they don't have the ability to see the status of the request, provide additional information, etc. Likewise, my team who is using Wrike d...


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