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  • Узнайте о моей команде, отрасли, интересах и о том, как мне помогает Wrike PM for a web creative team


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  • Applying Bulk Custom Field Values

    С ответом

    What is the best way to tag many tasks with custom fields? I want many tasks to show up in a dashboard, and rather than select each custom field value I would love to be able to select a custom fie...

  • Linking to dependants in other projects?

    I have a recurring issues of projects waiting on other projects. Like I find out we can't start design on project A until project B gets approved, etc. And then I go to project A a week later and I...

  • Double posts with Proofing responses (1 reviewer)

    I've been seeing double posts on some proof reviews. I guess the first is that reviewer, the second is a summary (all reviews). This seems redundant. Does it provide value to anyone else? Here's an...