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Shawn Nelson is an Art/Digital Director for Robinson Creative in Southlake, TX. He's worked with Wrike in previous positions and has creative and innovative approaches to how his company uses Wrike to stay on track and remain creative in the midst of chaos.


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Scrolling glitch when rescheduling projects or tasks

I've noticed a really annoying little glitch when creating a new project from Blueprint. It's actually when you reschedule a project being created or duplicated. If you use your mouse to scroll ove...

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Custom Project Status

This has been a request for a long time. CAN WE GET AN UPDATE??   Here's my 2¢.   I am wondering what it would take to give Project Status a way to be customized much the same way that Custom Workf...

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True Custom Templates

 I'd like to suggest a product improvement. As we have been told, creating custom templates for our projects and tasks is actually not a template at all. It's a workaround. It's really only a gener...


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