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I'm a project manager for a corporate training company, just living life and using Wrike. Our team uses Wrike to help monitor the design process of our materials and the marketing of our products.


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Variable Speed Video Playback

I think a great feature would be the ability to watch uploaded videos are varying speeds.  We do a lot of video review/approve through Wrike and sometimes the videos are long.  The review process i...

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Automate Closing Out Projects

Too frequently I find that our Wrike instance is clogged with completed projects that remain in our main folders because: A. Once the subtasks are completed, the parent tasks don't mark themselves ...

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Set "All Tasks" as Default List View

It would be great to see the ability to select default views inside of the List tab for projects.  Every day, our team relies on being able to view completed tasks when reviewing projects in meetin...

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Widen DAM - App Integration

I'd love to see more DAM's have integration with Wrike.  I've seen that MediaValet has a slick integration platform, but I don't think I'll be able to convince the higher-ups at my company to switc...

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Bulk Attachment Approval

It would be great to have the option of bundling attachments so I can "Approve" all of them at once, rather than having to individually approve each document or file. Often times, we perform small ...


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